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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I would eat this if I ate mammal, then I would die

StumbleUpon has led me to some pretty interesting things lately, but this one piqued my interest:

Cheese filled, bacon wrapped, battered, deep fried hot dog

I took the liberty of plugging the numbers into FitDay to see what kind of damage this would wreak upon a person. Assuming that each hot dog holds about a tablespoon of spray cheese and the coating contains 2 tablespoons of beer and 1 tablespoon of flour, and then assuming that it sponges up a tablespoon of oil during frying, it looks like this:

Calories: 913 (that's 76% of my calories for a single day)
Fat: 84 g (an average female should only eat between 30-40 g per day)
Carbohydrates: 12 g (this is pretty modest, as the average person should get about 300 g per day)
Protein: 25 g (average is 40-60 g per day)
Sodium: 2177 (average is 2400 per day)

Note that one of the guys in the article ate four in a day.

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