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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mama Thursday: Walking, sorta

Lily has been taking more and more steps lately.  She's up to six or seven in a row now.  It's still easier for her to beg Mama to pick her up and carry her around right now.  She points in the direction she wants to go (usually outside).  It's a fun game where Mama's back starts to spasm.

I'm still making Lily's food.  Sometimes it's something simple, like a mixed grain cereal with pureed veggies and some cheese mixed in, and sometimes I do a little deconstructed baby bento:

Top row: black beans, turnip and mushroom casserole, hard boiled egg
Bottom row: grated carrot, avocado, mixed berries (her favorite!)

She's been getting a lot more big people food but a lot of it comes right back out the back end in almost the same state it goes in the top.  So we might go back to more pureed stuff for a while.

She sort of figured out the cup a few weeks ago but isn't crazy about it.  She isn't crazy about cold cow's milk, either.  I don't blame her.

She tries to take the milk out by hand at first.
She gets it...
She doesn't know about this cold milk business.
Mama's smiling so it must be good!

We have to strategically place all our tissue boxes in childproof areas because if I leave her alone with one within reach she does this:

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