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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My time

Ugh, I'm still angry about something that happened yesterday.

I arrived on time, which for me means early, for my orthopedist appointment after work.  I saw the x-ray tech right away.  After the radiation blasts she brought me to the exam room to wait for the doctor.  Thirty minutes later with no sign of the doctor, I walked out.  Yesterday was Husband's birthday and I had to get home to help with a cookout.

I probably wouldn't have actually left the building if this wasn't the first time this doctor has wasted my time.  The first and only other time I saw him I actually waited in the exam room for over 40 minutes.

It makes me crazy when people don't respect my time.

I get it enough at work.  Someone calls with some urgent issue that needs to be addressed immediately and in between me hanging up the phone and arriving at their office or desk they have decided that would be an excellent time to call someone else and chat about business.  I give them ten seconds, flash them the "call me" hand signal, then I walk away.  I have plenty of other work to do that doesn't involve me standing in a doorway awkwardly waiting for someone to hang up the damn phone.

I get cranky with chronically late people too.  If your ego is so inflated as to make you think that your time is more valuable than anyone else's, then you're not worth any of my time at all.

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Alicia said...

How frustrating! Good for you for leaving. I think too many of us wait so long for the doctors that they think they can keep all of us waiting for as long as they want. I wonder if more of them would be more timely if more of us walked out. Missed business=missed payment, so they might get the point.
My Chiropractor has a great policy, and I think I'll enact one like it in my practice. If a patient has to wait 30 minutes or longer to be seen, after showing up on time, their adjustment is free.