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Monday, October 10, 2011

It's been a while, so have some random crap

I've been busy, exhausted, and evidently too manic to put a coherent sentence together.  So you get this.  You're welcome.

I still put two spaces after my closing punctuation.

Every time I see these apple-peanut butter-marshmallow smiles I laugh uncontrollably.  I tried to make them once and almost peed myself.

Lily has yet another ear infection.  She has two giant bottles of medicine in the fridge.  If it keeps going like this we'll have to explore the ear tube option, which will probably give me a heart attack.

The temperature has been in the 80s for over a week and I am overjoyed.

I thought of a rhyme this morning:  "Autumn, fall, I hate it all."  I hate falling leaves, raking, rain, having to dismantle the garden, everything turning brown, the weather getting colder, football season, and having to winterize my scooter.  The only good thing about fall is the food.

For many years my favorite song was Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone."

My favorite song is currently still Hot Water Music's "Trusty Chords."

I am seriously considering a Hot Water Music tattoo, but band tattoos are kind of dumb, you know?  Besides, I haven't even gotten my Lily tattoo yet and probably shouldn't immortalize a band before my own child.

I commuted on my bike on Friday.  We had a terrible windstorm.  I couldn't physically pedal into the wind at times and ended up with a massive charlie horse.  I rode my husband's bike, which has the smallest, hardest seat in existence.  So my leg hurts and my crotch hurts.  So no more biking for me this year.

I've been popping in and out of the OccupyMN protest.

Our daycare lady's brother died this weekend and subsequently she is closed this week.  That's really awful and I'm a terrible person for saying this, but this is really inconvenient.  I'm going to buy her flowers and send along some dinner when she opens again.

I've been craving pulled pork, Husband has been craving beef barbacoa.  Which meat will prevail?

My midwife suggested I try an elimination diet to try and figure out why I need to take a prescription antacid every single day to function.  I've tried gluten free before but I think that might have made things worse.  So I'm going to try dairy-free and soy-free diets over the next couple of months.  I'm planning dairy-free starting next week for two weeks.  I'm getting lightheaded just thinking about it.  On the other hand, this will be a good time to make some more homemade cheese and not prematurely sample the goods before it's properly aged.

Did I mention I made some goat cheese?  Turned out great.  I need to find a source for goat milk in large quantities.  That shit is expensive at the co-op.

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Alicia said...

Hard to believe gluten free would make things worse..either way, I hope you figure this out. Prescription antacids daily doesn't sound good to me. Good luck.