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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First World Problem

Last Sunday Husband took Lily down to her uncle's house to watch football and spend some quality time with her cousin.  And so I found myself, for the first time in months, by myself with nothing but free time on my hands.

No demanding toddler?  No husband occupying the TV with his video games?  No feelings of being chained by housework and childcare?  What do I do with my time?  The world was my oyster -- or at least the part of the world I could walk to.  Meh, it's easier to stay in the house.  I had options!

I baked some bread and rolls, then watched some Good Eats in the dining room, then relocated to the living room to fire up a video game for the first time in, like, forever.  Hey!  Uncharted 2!  I hear this is a fun game!  But the controls suck ass and I can't see anything and I'm not good at shooting people.  OK, what's on TV?  Crap... crap... 80's crap... crap... same old cooking shows... crap... and shitty cartoons.  OK...  How about some Netflix!  What Would Jesus Buy!  Haha!  Well, this is kind of long but I dig the message, and now it's over... What about the computer?  Don't really wanna play Minecraft right now... Can't do much in Glitch because I'm still waiting for Mining IV and I'm swimming in currants with nothing to spend them on... Don't really wanna click around on Reddit outside of work... Don't feel like exercising... Too tired to read....

I am unfulfilled.


Pearl said...

It's more fun cramming everything you want into a shorter amount of time/attention, isn't it? :-)


LutherLiz said...

Friend me on Glitch. I'm Lutherliz!