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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I should probably put this here too

I might be a little addicted to rage comics right now.  Here's my little how-to for making cloth diaper wipes out of those flannel receiving blankets that everyone has sitting around.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What do I want to be when I grow up?

So college orientation happened last night.  I successfully registered for my first class.  I got my student ID.  My head is spinning a little bit.

Now I have a giant decision to make.  Do I want to stick with the original plan of a CIS degree or go all the way with Computer Science?  It would mean three more math classes overall.  But the majority of classes do overlap.  It's not like I have to make this decision immediately.  I still have a ways to go on my generals.

I'm so relieved to be able to take upper level classes.  I'm starting with a 300-level anthropology course online.  I'm OK with it but there are other courses I'd rather take.  There are a few sociology/religion classes that I'd be thrilled to take but they don't overlap two or more of my gen-ed "goals."  Part of me wants to say fuck it, I'm taking them anyway, because work is paying for my school.  But I also don't want to be in school for the next ten years just scratching away at these goals.  I'm going to see how I do with this first class and if I think I can handle it I'll bump it up to two classes per semester.

Now that I've got a student ID and a .edu email address I'm looking forward to my sweet, sweet discounts.

I'm a college student.  That sounds weird.

Monday, April 04, 2011

I am a square peg (The In-Between Girl 2011 Manifesto)

A couple of weeks ago Husband said that it would be cool if I had a food-only blog like a friend-of-a-friend does.  I shrugged.  "I don't want to play the game," I said.

You know the game.  It is being played and there are conventions and coffee shops full of players.

Oh, I flirted with the game last year.  I was finally ready to break free of my self-imposed social exile and network.  I did some things, went to some stuff, and met some people.  The people were cool.  But there was this pervasive feeling of validation-grabbing that was completely off-putting.  So I stepped back.  I looked closer at the game.  The game was filled with corporate shills, mommybloggers looking for a handout, desperate acts of attention-seeking, and selling of souls and dignity.

I ran the fuck away.

Thankfully I found a different social group.

When I was around other local bloggers one thing stood out: me.  I am not like these people.  I may be the same age as some of these folks, but I felt like a black dude in China.  Them: put together, eloquent, coiffed, made up, handbag carrying, social, seemingly mature adults.  Me: old band t-shirt, thrown-together hair, awkward.  Them: chatting about the latest romcom/TV show/stock portfolio/corporate sponsorship.  Me: "I LIEK TURTLES."

I'm pretty sure I should feel like an adult, what with the child and mortgage and career and such.  But the truth is that I want to sit around the house in my underwear and play Minecraft while drinking beer, listening to punk rock and old anime soundtracks, and eating Snickers ice cream bars.

I told my husband that I write this blog for me.  It is my outlet.  If anyone comes along and reads it, well hell, that's awesome.  If someone wanted to meet up for coffee or needed a hand with something, I'm there.  But if not I'll still be here playing my own game.